Ham Radio

USA Rover Locations

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DN92ts Hwy 20 Valentine, NE Cherry 2740 K7BWH 2018-06-17
EM48rp Joe W0FY Chesterfield, MO St. Louis 600 K7BWH 2019-06-23
EM87bv Morris Gap Morris Creek, KY (county) 1100 K7BWH 2019-06-23
EM87es Koomer Ridge Pine Ridge, KY (county) 2500 K7BWH 2018-06-23
EM87ob Pine Mtn Whitesburg, KY Letcher 2750 K7BWH 2018-08-20
EN02av Heerten's Farm Springview, NE Keya Paha 2316 K7BWH 2018-06-27
EN02aw Lost Creek Cemetary Springview, NE Keya Paha 2400 K7BWH 2019-06-22
EN02xd Neligh Neligh, NE Antelope 1820 K7BWH 2019-06-23
EN50bp Craig K9CT Trivoli, IL Peoria 2000 K7BWH 2019-06-23

Do you have new information? This material was current at the time of writing, but conditions may change so please email barry@k7bwh.com with updates, tips, questions and suggestions for more locations.

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