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Grid Square EM87

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Potential VHF rover sites in KY's grid EM87. Be careful.
EM87 dimensions are 109.7 by 69.2 miles.
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Pine Mtn, EM87ob39

Latitude Longitude
37.080290 -82.803520
Map Location Near city of Whitesburg, Letcher County, KY, Altitude 2750
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Last update: 2018-08-20
Comments by: Barry K7BWH

Pine Mtn 1 Pine Mtn 2 Pine Mtn 3 Pine Mtn 4 Pine Mtn 5 Pine Mtn 6 Pine Mtn 7 Pine Mtn 8 Pine Mtn 9 Pine Mtn 10 Pine Mtn 11

Pine Mtn is a long knife-edge ridge with radio towers at either end. Great operating positions can be found halfway between the towers, with open horizon through the trees in almost all directions. This worked great for me on meteor scatter and a long 6m opening in the 2018 June VHF Contest. I even worked Germany from here.