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Grid Square CN72

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Potential VHF rover sites in Oregon's grid CN72. Be careful.
The Oregon coast is a series of state parks, overlooks and beaches. Have fun.
CN72 dimensions are 101.9 by 69.2 miles.
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Iron Mtn, CN72wq27

Latitude, Longitude
42.696063, -124.144249
Map Location Near city of Brookings, Curry County, OR, Altitude 4000
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Last update: 2015-05-28
Comments by: Phil KZ7ZD

Iron Mtn 1 Iron Mtn 2 Iron Mtn 3 Iron Mtn 4 Iron Mtn 5

Coast Guard Hill, CN72rr87

Latitude, Longitude
42.739167, -124.510833
Map Location Near city of Port Orford, Curry County, OR, Altitude 312
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Last update: 2014-01-18
Comments by: Barry K7BWH

Coast Guard Hill 1 Coast Guard Hill 2 Coast Guard Hill 3 Coast Guard Hill 4 Coast Guard Hill 5 Coast Guard Hill 6 Coast Guard Hill 7

This delightful knob in the city of Port Orford provides good altitude above average terrain. The locals know it as Coast Guard Hill. From here you can hike down to the cliffs and beach of Port Orford Heads State Park.

The Lifeboat Museam is here, too. On nearby King St along the ridge are spectacular views. At the base of the hill is the cute Timeworn Treasures shop.

Driving directions: From Hwy 101 turn west on 9th Street. Turn onto Coast Guard Hill Road.

Restrictions: Day use only. No services.

Cape Blanco Park, CN72ru20

Latitude, Longitude
42.836073, -124.559898
Map Location Near city of Port Orford, Coos County, OR, Altitude 50
Map See Google map, Bing map, Mapquest, OpenStreetMap, Beam heading

Last update: 2014-01-18
Source: Lynn N7CFO PNW Rover Locations CN72
Comments by: Lynn N7CFO

Cape Blanco Park 1 Cape Blanco Park 2 Cape Blanco Park 3 Cape Blanco Park 4

This is a large state park with extensive day-use areas and campground. It is located on the westernmost tip of land in Oregon and has excellent exposure to the north, south, and west. It is far enough from the coastal range to have a good path to the east.

This is a terrific spot for attempting long range over-the-water contacts to the north and south. Some of the nearest grid is blocked by Humbolt Mtn; in Jan 2014, we were unable to reach Crescent City nearby in CN71.

Operating from the campground is OK, but the campsites are all surrounded by heavy brush and trees, so UHF work would be rough. The best operating location is in the parking lot near the lighthouse, but ocean breezes will be strong all day.


Driving directions: South of Coos Bay on Highway 101. Watch for signs.

Restrictions: Winter occupancy is low. Summer campsites work best with reservations. All camp sites minimum $16 and most have electrical hookup included. Lighthouse road is open April - October.

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